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Trish Stratus is an iconic figure in WWE who paved the way for generations of female competitors. The Canadian Superstar won the Women's Championship seven times and the Hardcore Championship once, competing in stellar matches that redefined women's wrestling. Stratus was inducted into the Hall of Fame in before returning for chantelle hamilton escort final christy dudley escort against Charlotte Flair at SummerSlam Trish's accomplishments are undeniable, but she competed in an era that featured some of WWE's most controversial moments.

The Attitude Era was a far cry from the post-Women's Evolution environment; plenty of Trish's most popular moments would unlikely fly nowadays. Trish Stratus made her debut as a valet escorting Test and Albert to the ring. Her managerial position and heel antics put her in the free personals nj line during many matches, with the seven-time Women's Champion taking major bumps from male competitors throughout her career.

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Stratus was famously put through a table by Bubba Ray Dudley at Backlash The Hall of Famer latina escorts melbourne to take bumps during intergender segments that wouldn't fly in today's PG era. It remains another problematic aspect from Trish's past that WWE would never replicate nowadays.

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One of the most controversial moments in WWE's history prostitutes gauteng the public humiliation of Trish Stratus. In one segment, McMahon demanded that Stratus prove her love for him by barking like a midget escort brampton and stripping in the ring.

The demeaning moment is a relic of WWE's outrageous Attitude Era and a far cry from the company's current landscape. Trish Stratus played an escorts of russia heel throughout her career. Christy dudley escort trained under Lita's tutelage but was unable to capture the belt from Stratus at WrestleMania During their feud, Stratus grew jealous of Hemme's appearance on the Playboy cover, attacking her rival before spray-painting an expletive on Hemme's back.

Trish Stratus reached her peak as a heel during her rivalry with fellow Hall of Famer Lita.

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Honduras escort two set the bar for women's wrestling whilst feuding for the Women's Championship and once occupied the main event of Raw with their iconic title match. Stratus played a catty heel who made fun of Lita's weight following the high-flyer's kayfabe pregnancy storyline with Kane.

Her antics were brilliant in getting her over as christy dudley escort despised villain but would be problematic to many escorts agency nowadays. Trish Stratus's feud with Mickie James was iconic at times and disturbing at others.

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Mickie debuted as an obsessed fan worlds hottest escorts Trish who harbored a deep-seated and sexual love for her idol. Trish and Mickie's match for the Women's Championship at WrestleMania 22whilst lauded as a stellar match, came under fire from management for its provocative conclusion. The original ending, which included Mickie grabbing Trish between her legs, has been edited to make it more appropriate for today's era.

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If Stratus won the match then Bischoff vowed to give her a mass escort rematch against Jazz; if she not, she would have to spend the night with him. The stipulation was thankfully erased afterward by Linda McMahon.

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Trish moved on to a brief alliance with Gail Kim before allying with her adult wants sex personals newport news frenemy Lita. Trish Stratus forged an incredible legacy as a pioneer of women's wrestling. Trish was initially hired as a fitness model with no prior wrestling experience, though she went on to become one of the decorated female Superstars in WWE history.

Admittedly, WWE initially hired her for her appearance, which the post-Women's Evolution audience frowns on.

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Early in her career, Trish was written into a romantic storyline with Mr. Their kayfabe relationship was controversial from the start, as Trish became involved with Vince after the CEO institutionalized his wife Linda. The angle became more disturbing when Mr. McMahon turned on an unsuspecting Trish. The future Hall of Famer female escorts county durham attacked by Vince, Stephanie McMahon, and William Regal, before suffering further humiliation and degradation in the ring.

In this segment, Vince referred to Trish as a "toy" and Stephanie both ran a dirty mop over her body and dunked her head into a filthy mop bucket. Trish and christy dudley escort other women in the Attitude Era's locker room competed in outlandish matches with provocative stipulations that would never feature in a WWE program nowadays.

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The most notable of these bouts were the Bra and Panties matches that saw female Superstars strip each other down to their undergarments in the ring. This remains another problematic element in the Hall escort service cambridge Famer's esteemed career that WWE are keen to move on from.

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Leah Flavell is a freelance writer currently living in Kettering, originally from Wolverhampton, United Kingdom. By Leah Flavell Published Sep 21, Share Female escorts cleveland Tweet Comment. Related Topics Wrestling Trish Stratus.